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The famous Fortune Telling Cards of Mlle Lenormand

Welcome to Mlle. Lenormand´s Fortune Telling Cards!
Free daily Online Oracle Card of all versions!

On these pages you will find one of the largest Collections of the famous Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards with many online learning tools.

Many free Tools:

- Pick your daily Online Oracle Card
- Read and learn the meaning, the message of every card
- Random Lenormand Treat
- Card Moving page
- View all 36 Cards of all different Versions
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The new yearly Lenormand Horoscope 2013 is a Zodiac Sign Horoscope, which combines Astrology, Numerology and Cartomancy with Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards to an uniquie Horoscope for you. More...

Cartomancy videos
We started to make videos of rare Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards. Here you will find the first videos:
>> Cartomancy Videos >>

Visit our virtual Online Lenormand Museum with 100 different Lenormand Versions. Many ancient and antique decks are shown here.
You can visit the museum >> HERE >>.

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The Rider - Lenormand cards - Sibilla Libery
The Lenormand Cards are ancient fortune telling cards by Mlle. Lenormand. Nowadays there are many versions of the Lenormand Fortune Cards which we like to show you.
You can use them as an onlineoracle or for online divination. With our Lenormand oracle you can easily make an online divination.
Until now there were ore then hundred Mlle. Lenormand fortune telling cards printed. Today you can buy more then thirty actual, ancient or antique Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards in our online-shop.
If you are interested in old and antique Fortune Telling Cards from Madame Lenormand, we can recommend our online Lenormand Museum, which you can find at www. Lenormand Card reading is very popular and it is easy to find out, what thee cards say about Love, work or health. On our free Lenormand Card reading website you can find out in many oracles and daily fortune cards, how your horoscope will be. Today there are hundred of fortune telling cards versions to find, which have the roots at the cards from Mlle. Lenormand. She was working with an Tarot expert and she created these ancient fortune telling cards.
In our online shop we also offer you antique and ancient Lenormand cards and antique Fortune Telling cards for sale. Some of the cards are more then a hundred years old and you can buy antique Tarot in our Shop.

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